Emotions on my sleeve.

I can be nothing more than He wants me to be, and nothing less than I work for. There is a goal at the end of every street I traverse awaiting my arrival. If only I begin this journey.

Haiku-Layla Eve

You’re like a Haiku
Full of power and terseness
You feed art purpose

Haiku-You and me Day 9

Stand in love with me
Falling awake together
Simple yet complex

Haiku-Victors Day 8

The soldier is us
Everytime we use the pen
Pick up your weapons

Haiku-temptation Day 7

The sweetness of sin
Is only an illusion
But bitter it is

Haiku-Karma Day 6

I gave everything

And it meant nothing to you

Payback is coming

Haiku-Offspring Day 5

From my womb you came

And to Him you will return

My beloved loans

Haiku-Pray Day 4

Empty your love here

Shallow vessel for lovers

The palms of prayer


Media-haiku (Day 3)

Merely perfection
Pedestals we can not reach
The world is watching

Just Bieber

"I don’t know if this makes sense, but you’re my hallelujah. "

What a tasteful way to express…